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There are two classes of members of the Association, Principal Members and Associate Members. Only persons who are:

(i) licensed by the Financial services Commission (FSC) to carry on the business of dealing in securities, and
(ii) not licensed or registered under any of the Other Financial Statutes, may be Principal Members.

The Directors may approve and register as Associate Members persons who are not licensed in Jamaica by the FSC to carry on the business of dealing in securities but who engage in the business of dealing in securities for their own account to an extent and in circumstances that the Directors consider as justifying their applications for membership being accepted.



Alliance Investment Management Limited

18 Belmont Road, Kingston 5

(O) 960-4321

(F) 960-4327

Barita Investments Limited

15 St. Lucia Avenue, Kingston 5

(O) 926-2681

(F) 929-8432

C&WJ Cooperative Credit Union

51 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10

(O) 936-3800

(F) 929-8118

Scotia Investments Jamaica Limited

7 Holborn Road, Kingston 10

(O) 960-6700

(F) 968-0490

FirstCaribbean International Securities Limited

23-27 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5

(O) 935-4742

(F) 926-1025

Proven Wealth Limited

26 Belmont Road, Kingston 5

(O) 908-3800-1

(F) 978-8456

Jamaica Money Market Brokers

6 Haughton Terrace, Kingston 10

(O) 998-5662

(F) 960-9546

JN Fund Managers Limited

17 Belmont Road, Kingston 5

(O) 929-2289/920-1132

(F) 926-4375

Sagicor Investment Jamaica Limited

28 Barbados Avenue, Kingston 5

(O) 936-7006

(F) 968-3181

Mayberry Investments Limited

1 Oxford Road, Kingston 5

(O) 929-1908-9

(F) 929-1501

MoneyMasters Limited

17 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5

(O) 754-1980

(F) 754-1979

MF&G Asset Management Limited

21 East Street, Kingston

(O) 922-5860-8

(F) 922-6744

NCB Capital Markets

32 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10

(O) 960-7108/935-2703

(F) 920-4745/929-8344

Stocks & Securities Limited

24-26 Grenada Crescent, Kingston 5

(O) 929-3400

(F) 929-4825

Sterling Asset Management Limited

7 Barbados Avenue, Kingston 5

(O) 754-2225

(F) 754-8103

VM Wealth Management

52 Grenada Crescent, Kingston 5

(O) 960-5000-3

(F) 960-4972/6928

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