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History / About Us


Brief History

The Jamaica Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) came into existence on September 11, 2002.

The JSDA was established to:
Promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting the business of Licensees under the Securities Act of 1993 in Jamaica and generally to watch over, protect, speak and act on, all matters relating to the Act and the trading of securities.
Promote, support or oppose legislative or other measures affecting the association's objectives.
To assist, influence, develop, improve and uplift the codes, standards, conduct and caliber of securities trading .

Our Values

Credibility, Standardization, Transparency, Collaboration, Ethics and Innovation are our tools for success.

Our Objectives

The primary objectives of the JSDA are summarized as follows:
  To establish a regulatory framework on which competitive products can be offered to investors.
  To advocate for the maintenance of robust and sustainable business models that promote the growth and development of the industry.
To work with regulators to develop an efficient capital market through the introduction of prudential requirements related to capital adequacy and appropriate risk management which are consistent with international best practices.

  To enhance the image of the industry through the implementation of a comprehensive public relations programme.
To guide and support the development of an efficient and safe depository for the trading and settlement of fixed income securities.

  To maintain effective communication with members so that they are well informed of ongoing discussions and positions with regulators and other bodies.  This will be achieved through, at minimum, quarterly meetings with the general membership and interactive electronic communication which allows our membership to share their opinions on topical industry related matters or issues which they would like to highlight.
Mission Statement
The JSDA's mission is to promote the interest of the securities industry in Jamaica and to develop and improve standards in the industry. As such, the association works closely with regulators to develop appropriate regulations for the industry which facilitate development of the industry and protection for investors. The ultimate goal is to transition to a self-regulated association (SRA).
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